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Sabine is a legal immigrant from Germany, also known as Domsmom and a proud citizen since 1996.

She is a outspoken Advocate/ Activist opposing ILLEGAL immigration and became the voice for her only child Dominic “ German Chocolate” Durden, who was 30 years young when he was killed on 7-12-2012 in California by an illegal alien repeat offender/ felon from Guatemala. The killer of her best friend and love of her life was charged with a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and sentenced to 9 month / 5 years probation of which he only served 35 !!! days.

She has testified at Capitol Hill at a Judiciary hearing, met with high level officials from ICE, DOJ, Homeland Security and travels frequently to DC to talk to Senators, Congress men/women and other politicians. She was also invited to be a speaker at the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, Ohio and her journey also included being personally invited to the Inauguration of our 45th President, enjoyed many visits to the White House/ Oval Office and Mar-a-Lago to meet with President Trump to share the horrific impact and cost of illegal immigration.

Sabine has been featured in a Documentary called ‘America’s Forgotten’, is featured in President Trump former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnnany book ‘American Revolution ‘, appeared in numerous political adds and currently working on a few projects with Jexit & United West for ‘ Defend The Border- Safe Lives’.

She travels all over this country to share her experience and has been interviewed on many National and International News programs like CNN, BBC, FOX and even MSNBC

Sabine has become a recognizable voice, not only for her son, but thousands of other victims of illegal alien crime who wish to stay anonymous or don’t have the strength to share their story.

She will continue to speak out to share the truth about illegal immigration and its brutal and costly consequences that affect EVERY American EVERYWHERE in America 

     Sabine, Doms mom fights so you never have to.  Find out more on

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