defend the love – chris burgard


Chris directed, produced and starred in the pop-cult classic horror film, “The Ruining,” which was featured in Park City’s 2004 Troma Film Festival and later that spring at The Cannes Film Festival Film Mart. His 2007 award-winning documentary, “Border,” screened twice for Congress, helped stop 2007 Amnesty Legislation and won a myriad of awards.

In 2009 Burgard made the dangerous documentary “Honduras On The Brink”. This was the film that gave the world an inside view into the attempted Color Revolution in Honduras. Recruited by 2012 Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, Burgard served as Chief Creative Media Strategist.

He earned the coveted attention of Stephen Colbert who attributed Burgard with adding a new political avant-garde genre to the otherwise boring 2012 political ad campaigns. He created a series of viral videos including “The Smoking Man,” “Sick of Stimulus,” ” Electile Dysfunction,” Paul Nehlen’s Motorcycle Ad, Fight Club Pac’s “No Fear” and an Anti-Hillary Veteran Ad.

In his four years with Breitbart Media his videos received 1/3 of a billion views. He has also received millions of views with his appearances for The Daily Caller and Numbers USA. Burgard hails as one of the most dangerous media guys on the planet. Just ask Herman Cain.

Chris’ recent release, Capitol Punishment – Everything They Told You Is A Lie

Told through the eyes of the people who were there on the ground, Capitol Punishment shows the world the true story of January 6, 2021. Everything that we are being told is a lie and Americans are being persecuted to support that lie. January 6 was years in the making and the threat to the survival of America as we know it, has never been greater.

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