“DHS Admits That China Is Selling Industrial Pill Press Equipment to the Cartels to Turn Fentanyl Powder Into Tablets”

China drug cartels

Source: Clare M. Lopez, Lopez Liberty, LLC, May 5, 2023

On 3 May 2023, Matthew Millhollin, Assistant Director with the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, appeared before a U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations subcommittee on Combatting Transnational Criminal Organizations and Related Trafficking. He told the Senators that China not only was sending the precursor chemicals needed to make fentanyl to Mexico, as long known, but was also selling to the cartels the industrial pill press equipment those cartels need to press the fentanyl powder into tablets. In his testimony, Millhollin said that the Mexican cartels “are

 purchasing these pill presses directly from Chinese manufacturers who are producing the equipment specifically for illicit activity”. Moreover, he added that “Mexican Cartels have taken over fentanyl production [from the Chinese] and operate on an industrial scale…” 

Millhollin also told the Committee Members that DHS had recently seized more than 200 pill presses t a warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. “This came directly from China. This problem begins and ends in China.”

The wide open U.S. southern border that allows so many millions of finished fentanyl pills to get into the U.S. begins and ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.   

#DefendtheBorder  #EveryStateABorderState  #SecureBordersSaveLives

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