CA Border Patrol Agents Encountered Heavily Armed Suspected Smugglers During Routine Patrol

Source: Sara, By Sara Carter, November 2, 2022

We often hear about incidents that the Customs and Border Patrol face in states such as Texas, New Mexico and Arizona; but California is also in the line of fire in the immigration crisis.

U.S. Border Patrol agents released a statement saying California agents “conducting routine patrol operations recently encountered several men suspected of being illegally present in the United States. Four of the men were heavily armed.”

“Agents patrolling along the international boundary deep ini the San Isidro Mountains encountered four individuals carrying AR-15 style rifles and loaded high-capacity magazines…when agents were seen responding, the men dropped the weapons and fled south toward Mexico” the statement read.

“The weapons, ammunition, and other evidentiary items were seized and transported for processing.  At present, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident. A bi-national investigation is underway to identify the armed men.”

“This type of dangerous activity must not be tolerated,” said San Diego Chief Patrol Agent Aaron M. Heitke. “When events like this occur, we think of our fallen Border Patrol Agents Bryan Terry, Robert Rosas, and others who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to this nation. We think of the migrant victims of armed extortion, robbery or worse. And we think of the dangers to outdoor enthusiasts who frequent the area. It is critical that communities on both sides of the border remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.”

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