Border Patrol’s Chris Magnus is Biden administration ‘scapegoat’ for failed Border policies

Source: Sara Carter, By Sara Carter Staff, November 14, 2022

Fox News contributors Tom Homan and Sara Carter react to reports President Biden’s top border official Chris Magnus resigned after being ordered to quit or be fired on ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country.’ Carter begs the questions ‘why hasn’t Vice President Kamala Harris nor Secretary of Homeland Security turned in their resignations as well?’

The Biden administration is “pushing him out of the way” and they do not want him to testify in front of Congress and Republicans, so that all the information as to the failed border policies do not come to light. Carter also notes that Magnus was put in his position by Democrats because he was a perfect “idealogue.” In 2017 he wrote a New York Times op-ed criticizing President Trump and his border policies, including taking money from sanctuary cities to help combat the border crisis.

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