Border Patrol suicides spike as frustration with Biden immigration policy mounts


Source: Clare M. Lopez, Lopez Liberty, LLC, November 24, 2022

Stories about the cascading crisis at our U.S. southern border are expanding of late, thanks to concerted efforts by dedicated investigative journalists and this Defend The Border team and website. There is more information being made available now about the deadly cost in assaults, virtual enslavement and sex trafficking, rape, and murder of the illegal aliens who attempt the arduous trek to the north. But until this story, posted at John Solomon’s Just The News site, there has been scant mention of the toll that the border crisis has been exacting among our own Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.

This is that story. It’s heartbreakingly tragic and gets virtually zero coverage in the mainstream media or by the Biden administration’s appointed lackeys, like Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas, whose people these are.

Border Patrol agents, the brave, committed defenders on the front lines of America’s border invasion by vicious cartels, gang members, drug and human traffickers, and jihadi terrorists, have been committing suicide in record numbers. At least two CBP agents took their own lives in just the last couple of weeks. Add them to the earlier eleven who had committed suicide by September 2022 and this year has been the deadliest ever for CPB suicides. 

The reasons are clear: an overwhelming and unending surge in illegal border crossers whose numbers reached a record 2.38 million for fiscal 2022 and numbered over 230,000 in October 2022. A complete and utter abrogation of their Constitutional duty to enforce America’s immigration laws by the Biden administration and his appointed ‘leadership’ at DHS. Those impeachable failures tie the hands of CBP agents, who signed up to defend our border against invasion and enforce American law, but are forbidden and prevented from doing so by their own agency.

Instead, these courageous agents have been publicly demeaned and vilified, while at the same time blocked from doing their lawful jobs. Their frustration and despair is only mounting as their official purpose continues to be illegally wrenched from them. Their best hope now is the new Republican majority soon to take office in the U.S. House of Representatives, who pledge to hold hearings that will place senior administration officials under oath to explain their dereliction of duty.

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Border Patrol suicides spike as frustration with Biden immigration policy mounts

Trained agents are taking their own lives at record rates as the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants into the U.S. continues to devastate communities.

Border Patrol morale lowest in almost 20 years – The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, Art Del Cueto

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