Biden’s border of death


Source: Washington Examiner, July 27, 2022

More migrants have been found dead on the U.S. side of the southern border over the past nine months than have ever been recorded over a full year in history.

In 2020, when then-President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was in full effect, just 247 bodies were recovered by Border Patrol along the southern border. According to internal documents obtained by the Washington Examiner, 609 bodies have been found so far this fiscal year (beginning last Oct. 1) through June, a pace that puts us well on track for more than 700 deaths over a calendar year.

President Joe Biden has been in office for over 18 months. He has had plenty of time to implement the immigration and border policies he wants. And the infrastructure is now there for the Border Patrol to implement Biden’s vision.

Every day, massive tent complexes, like the one located in the Del Rio Sector outside Eagle Pass, Texas, process thousands of migrants arrested after illegally crossing the southern border into the United States. Speed is of the essence in these Biden tent cities. Migrants brought there do not stay long. They are fingerprinted, photographed, fed, and cleaned before being released into the U.S. to go wherever they wish.

“They ship out these people everywhere,” a Border Patrol agent told the Washington Examiner. “We’ve got planes going to San Diego, Dallas, everywhere. They’ve just gotten more efficient at farming people out and getting them processed at other stations that aren’t as busy.”

Now that they have ramped up processing capacity, the Biden administration is catching and releasing more than 100,000 migrants per month into the U.S. Since taking office, Biden has released a total of over 1.3 million migrants into the country, a population larger than nine states.

“There’s no plan for it to end,” another Border Patrol agent told the Washington Examiner. “They wouldn’t have opened this huge new facility if it was going to end.”

Unfortunately, instead of decreasing the number of dead bodies found on the border, Biden’s catch-and-release policies are driving them higher. The problem is that the more migrants Biden allows into the country, the more migrants from around the world accept his 2019 invitation to come and apply for asylum protection. The more time Border Patrol agents spend rescuing, arresting, detaining, transporting, and processing these migrants, the less time they have to actually patrol the border.

Smugglers know this. That is why they will often release a large number of families and children, wait for Border Patrol agents to begin processing them, and then guide other migrants who do not want to be arrested by Border Patrol across the border. It is this second group of migrants still trying to evade detection whose members are often later found dead.

Contrary to what the open border activists in the White House believe, deterrence does work. If migrants are denied entry into the U.S. and have to wait in Mexico as their asylum cases are heard, they will not bother making the trip. We know this because that is what happened under Trump.

As long as Biden keeps releasing migrants into the U.S. faster, more migrants will keep coming, and more people will die. Those deaths are his legacy.

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