Authorities See Nearly 800% Surge in Chinese Migrants Crossing Southern Border Illegally

Chinese surge at southern border

Source: Clare M. Lopez, Lopez Liberty LLC , August 21, 2023

“Authorities See Nearly 800% Surge in Chinese Migrants Crossing Southern Border Illegally” by Jennie Taer at Daily Caller, August 18, 2023

The number of Chinese would-be illegal border crashers has exploded in FY 2023, which began 1 October 2022. According to CBP (Customs & Border Protection) data, there were 17,678 encounters in the ten months between October 2022-July 2023. That number compares to a total of 1,970 such encounters for all of FY 2022 — and does not even include the “Got-Aways” category, for which (understandably) there are no specific CBP numbers for Chinese. 

While CBP ascribes the huge increase in these numbers to Chinese nationals seeking to flee the oppressive rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), what is less clear is where this many ordinary Chinese get up to $30,000 in travel costs and cartel fees to make the journey. Gordon Chang raises his national security concerns in this article and regular readers here at will recall earlier reports about the number of Chinese migrants who seem to be young, fit, military-looking men. Some of those were reported by Michael Yon to match the profile of Chinese People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Forces “Jungle Tigers”. 

Other border apprehensions also have surged in recent months, even with the Biden administration’s policy of waving in anyone who can show they’ve made a CBP One cell phone app asylum hearing appointment in the U.S. sometime in the distant future. That shell game, though, ties up CBP resources at points of entry, leaving fewer CBP agents to try to cover vast expanses of border territory between official ports of entry. 

CBP agents do their best – hence the exploding numbers of Chinese apprehensions – but overall, the unending flood of illegal aliens is getting worse, not better, at the U.S. southern border with Mexico. 

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