Audio-The Border Chaos: Believe Your Eyes, Not Biden’s Lies

Source: Sara A Carter, May 11, 2023

What is happening at our southern border right now? Are you hearing the truth from our elected officials or the media? Probably not. Sara is on the border at Brownsville, Texas, and says this is by far the worst she has seen the border in 20 years of reporting there.

On Wednesday, Sara watched the unprecedented stream of illegal migrants cross into the United States and shares what it was like in vivid detail. And that followed Tuesday’s staggering number of 11,000 illegal border crossings.

Sara reveals exactly what she is seeing, from the overwhelmed people and businesses of Brownsville to the vastly outnumbered border patrol agents, Texas authorities, and the National Guard to the confused migrants themselves. And it’s about to get much, much worse.

But she also tells each of us what we can do to bring about urgently needed change in this country, from our local communities to the federal government.

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