Audio – Dark Wars: The Border, Episode 1 by Sara Carter

Source: Sara Carter, November 2022

Sara Carter – Episode 1 of my groundbreaking new podcast docuseries, Dark Wars: The Border, is available now for download. The series documents my intimate encounters with everyone from cartel coyotes to migrants to foreign leaders and national security experts, all to uncover shocking realities of life at the US-Mexico border that have gone unreported by the mainstream media.  Through my interviews, we discover how mismanagement at the border is creating a rise in new threats to towns across the United States.

The podcast premieres on the heels of a bombshell report in POLITICO of severe negligence by Biden’s border protection chief and as polls show border security is a top issue for more Americans — especially Latinos — as they head to vote in the Midterms.

DOWNLOAD  Episode 1, here:

Dark Wars Premiere:

The Secret War at the Southern Border

Dark Wars: The Border is a new podcast series, hosted by award-winning journalist Sara Carter, that conducts in-depth investigations to expose what you are not being told about what’s happening at our 2,000-mile-long border with Mexico. It uncovers how this crisis touches you and every other American across the country. Dark Wars is a joint production of Radio America and The Dark Wire.

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