Arizona Border Rancher Sees Drug Smugglers Toting Guns, Dead Bodies…and MS-13 Knocking on His Door

ms13 on us border

Source: Clare M. Lopez, Lopez Liberty, LLC, November 11, 2022

Jim Chilton and his wife Sue have ranched along Arizona’s southern border with Mexico for 35 years. His family has ranched here since 1885. They love the life and the culture, but are increasingly dismayed by the increasing flow of drug smugglers crossing over his land, carrying fentanyl and other drugs to addict, poison, and kill Americans. Cameras on his ranch have captured images of thousands walking through the rough terrain of his land just in 2022 alone.  

On one occasion, when his wife was home alone, MS-13 gang members (easily identified by their tattoos) came knocking on their door. “Kind of scary” doesn’t begin to describe what that have been like for her and so many others dealing with the influx allowed by the Biden administration’s open border policy. 

Chilton and his fellow ranchers know that anywhere there are gaps in the unfinished border wall, that is where gang members, smugglers, and others come through unchallenged. But Jim Chilton and his wife, Sue refuse to leave, even though other ranchers have. He says “”I have a family cemetery, and I’m either gonna be on top of the ground or below the ground, but I’m not leaving.” 

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