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Our Border Cap is a symbolic representation of a two-year educational program on the crisis at our southern border. The front of the hat reads DEFEND THE BORDER and the back reads SAVE LIVES. This is the title of Tom Homan’s book, which is the basis for our educational campaign.


Our National educational project is based upon the life and experience of Tom Homan’s thirty-five years in law enforcement and his commitment to humanely save lives, as detailed in his book, Defend the Border & Save Lives. Tom was the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Trump. Currently Tom is the Border Expert on Fox News.


Our two-year, National grassroots project will use Tom’s book, Defend the Border & Save Lives, to create, develop and produce a series of media, including TV shows, videoDefend The Border Book exposes’. Our TV series follows the life of an amazing street cop who worked his way to the top as Director of Immigration, Customs & Enforcement, earning prestigious awards from Presidents Obama & Trump. Tom’s law enforcement life is loaded with constant dangerous, deadly events and humorous, life-changing moments. Tom is a tough cop, with a soft heart that has saved many lives in his illustrious career. Tom Homan’s story embodies all the elements of a great movie! Our teaching goal is to provide grassroots leadership on the border crisis and generate a national campaign to…DEFEND THE BORDER & SAVE LIVES.


Due to the Biden Administration’s planned and unplanned efforts to radically transform America, our southern border is in the midst of a devastating crisis that includes illegal entry, human trafficking, drug trafficking, child exploitation, extortion, sex & rape crimes and an all-around breakdown of the rule of law.


The solution requires action on two levels, one political, the other cultural. Politicians must be elected who understand the necessity to humanely maintain border security and sovereignty and Americans must understand the same essential elements, thereby teaching others and voting intelligently in 2022 & 2024.


2022……Successfully produced a 48-minute episode, one of ten in the documentary series, “Death County and the River of Broken Dreams”

* Produce a 10 episode (24-minute each) series documentary based upon the life and work of Tom Homan.
* Produce a daily Border Briefing Alert as a live-streamed internet show.
* Produce weekly, short form video exposes’ and stories for Social Media distribution.
* Build a national team of Border Coalition Partners.
* Launch a comprehensive Border Security program in Florida.
* Launch a national grassroots campaign in key, battleground states.

2024……Aggressive continuation of our Campaign with a focus on registering and mobilizing Americans who will vote for a pro-Border Security President, on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Funding can be through our 501 c-3 non-profit organization which is approved by the IRS for tax-deductible donations.  Can be made here:

Tom Trento, CEO, Defend The Border,

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